Air Quality Testing and Control

Are you supplying a clean and healthy environment for your working team?

Air Quality Testing and Control

Are you supplying a clean and healthy environment for your working team? More and more offices and factories rely upon enclosed ventilation systems or air conditioning. These are a benefit to those who work there, but they can turn into a liability if they are not properly maintained. A ‘sick building’ means a sick workforce.

If you want to minimize ‘days off’ and increase productivity, ensure that you have an air quality testing regime at your workplace and that improvement action is taken as necessary.

This will help to avoid:

  • Dirt build-up leading to health problems
  • Fire Hazards from combustible dust and waste
  • Damage to air systems, causing avoidable replacements
  • Higher energy costs due to blocked airways
  • Potential risks that will not be covered by insurance


MBHS recommends an ongoing air quality monitoring programme that ensures your workplaces are kept efficient, pleasant, safe and legal.

We will not only report on our findings but will also at your request follow through with deep cleaning using professional equipment that works thoroughly to clean even the most inaccessible places. (In the case of sensitive air conditioning units the use of the correct equipment is critical).

We supply photos, COSHH information and certification of the work done: we even calculate what energy savings you will make from your newly-cleaned heat exchangers.

Services Available

MBHS Air Quality Testing – Key Features

  • Our air quality consultants inspect your air systems and measure, against accepted norms, air humidity, flow and temperatures.
  • Gas testing includes carbon monoxide and dioxide, formaldehyde and ozone.
  • Measurements include the degree of fungal and general particulate contaminants in the operating areas.
  • Testing for compliance with CIBSE TM26:2000, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, General Ventilation in the Workplace HS(G)202.
  • Nationwide service, with professional inspectors of a consistently high standard wherever you are and no matter how many sites you have.
  • Our inspections are independent of any air systems manufacturer or installer, for truly impartial guidance.