Terrible electrical accident on construction site

Electrical accidents are not the most numerous building safety hazards: but when they do happen they can very easily be fatal, and that is why such care needs to be taken to avoid them. This...


Dangerous demolition work leads to a roof fall

As health & safety professionals know, this is the year in which HSE is laying great stress on improving standards within the repair and refurbishment sector of building safety.



Bad failure rate in building site safety crackdown

As we have previously reported, a 30-day September/October ‘initiative’ was run by HSE Inspectors as part of what they call the Safersites 2014 Campaign. The aim was t...


Unprotected scaffold work horrifies passer-by

Remember the classic poster showing New York construction workers sitting on a girder hundreds of feet in the air? Unthinkable in the health and safety culture of today, right? Well this case...