When you open and run a shed, one of the big concerns is always Health and Safety, never more so than now with the culture of injury lawyers and where there’s blame, there’s a claim. Few of us are qualified in this field and, if you look up health and safety on Google, you find so many rules and regulations, it doesn't really help. What most of us want is a common sense approach and this is what McCormack Benson offer

Malcolm Bird, Age UK

MBHS really have taken the stress out of an area that used to be such a concern - now I don’t mind it when someone mentions the words ‘health and safety’!

Matthew Edwards, Ballantyne Edwards

I really like working with MBHS, we are a great team. I find everyone I deal with helpful and they are always on hand if I need anything, which is very reassuring.

Simon Steptoe, Webster Miller

MBHS do a fantastic job for us. I highly recommend them to any other company looking for a reliable professional outsourcing service; all I have to do is pick up the phone!

Rhonda Lowther, James Heys

MBHS were the only health and safety consultants to come in and say this is what we do and this is how we can help you. And that’s how it has been ever since!

Mike Brundle, Partner, F H Brundle