Case Study: Webster Miller

Webster Miller

Case Study: Webster Miller -Transportation and warehousing services

On the road with Health and Safety

Simon Steptoe is one of two directors of Webster Miller. This well-established family firm provides a full transport and warehousing service utilizing a fleet in excess of 50 vehicles. Having been formed by fellow director John Miller’s father Colin in 1970, the company has built up a formidable reputation for providing a responsible, reliable and cost effective service.

What are the main health and safety challenges in your type of business today?
“It’s a struggle to keep up to date with all the changes in legislation. At the end of the day we just want to keep everyone involved in our business safe.”

Why did you decide to outsource health and safety?
“Health and safety is too complicated these days to do internally, especially with the law changing all the time, it would be a full time job that we just can’t afford.”

How long have you been outsourcing health and safety to MBHS?
Three years

Why did you choose MBHS?
“I felt that is it was important to have a local health and safety supplier. MBHS came recommended and, having worked with them over the three years, I can understand why – they are very good.”

How do MBHS work with you to make you compliant?
“They are always at the end of the telephone if I have any queries and will work with the drivers to train them in any new health and safety requirements in order to make us compliant. MBHS also complete things like Risk Assessments and Method Statements for us.”

How does that work day to day?
“Our MBHS consultant will come and check our drivers every month or so as well as making spot checks and going out with drivers. He then reports back to myself or John with any proposed actions.”

Do you think that you have saved money by outsourcing health & safety?
“Yes. Health and safety is a necessary evil of our business and is money we could do without spending, but we have no choice. MBHS definitely make our money work harder by ensuring we focus what we do to areas where we need to be compliant.”

How does the cost of health and safety impact your business? 
“It has not changed much.”

Are there any other benefits to the business from outsourcing health & safety?
“MBHS are the experts and, as such, we can rely on them to be on the ball and on top of any changes in legislation. The health and safety law changes all the time and we are not a large enough company to have our own internal resource to do this.”

So how would you sum up your outsourcing experience?
“I really like working with MBHS, we are a great team. I find everyone I deal with helpful and they are always on hand if I need anything, which is very reassuring.”

Interview conducted with Simon Steptoe, Nov 2008