Competent Person Role

A Competent Person support package that helps our customers win contracts

Why do I need to appoint a Competent Person?

Competent Person Role

Quite simply, it is a requirement of the Health & Safety at Work Regulations to appoint someone with the necessary training, experience and knowledge to help you manage health and safety within your organisation.

In addition to the legal requirements, you may have been asked to provide evidence of your competent person as part of the tender process. Or perhaps you are seeking SSIP accreditation through CHAS, ConstructionLine or another trade body.

We can be your Competent Person

There may already be someone within your organisation that could perform the role of competent person. But unless you can be sure they possess the right qualifications and knowledge, a much simpler and often cost effective solution is to appoint McCormack Benson Health & Safety as your competent person. By doing so you are guaranteed to be using an expert in the field of health & safety that meets the legal requirements of training and experience and will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Expert advice from pro-active Chartered or Graduate IOSH qualified advisors
  • A company that are leaders in H&S compliance
  • A partner relationship between us that eases the burden on you and improves the safety of your organisation.

What do I get?

We never just provide our name for documents without meeting and reviewing your company. There are serious liability issues regarding this role and we want to be sure we are providing the best service to ensure we can prove your organisation is safety concision.

By engaging McCormack Benson Health & Safety as your Competent Person, we will:

  • Act as your appointed Competent Person
  • Review of current health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Provide advice via phone/email when you need it
  • Issue a certificate stating that we act as your competent person
  • Provide regular updates on legislation changes

More Benefits...

Using a specialist health and safety company as your competent person, improves your credibility so that moving forward the tendering process and marketing your business becomes easier as you already have a competent person you can rely on.

If questioned by the HSE, insurance companies or your client base you can rest assured that you can answer their questions and if not we are here to help.

Please contact us on 0800 068 0188 for a quote or more information.