Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Information

COVID-19: MBHS Staff Procedures for Client Visits

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have implemented the following working practices to protect our staff and clients.

Procedures for:

Health and Safety Advisory Consultations, Audits & Safety Inspections, incident and accident investigations

  • Advisors will be available by phone, email and video calling (if required) to answer queries and provide advice. This is the primary method of contact between Advisors and Clients
  • Visits to client premises (or those where client personnel are working) will be limited to where a specific issue or need is identified and then only by agreement between Advisor & Client.
  • Visits to a client premises will require clearly defined procedure for parking, notifying of arrival, minimising contact with others, etc. so that social distancing and protection can be maintained.
  • The duration of visits will be kept to as short a time as the issue/situation allows and the Advisor will leave the Client premises without delay on completion of the visit.
  • Communication of issues that need addressing will be communicated via phone, email and use of photos. Timeframes for communicating will be at the advisor’s discretion dependent upon each issue’s significance.
  • The use of public transport will be avoided as far as practicable. Where it is not possible, the use of public transport will be outside of “normal” peak/busy times which may alter the time of arrival that a client is used to.
  • No visits will be undertaken if the Advisor (or anyone in their household) are showing any signs/symptoms of Covid19 (as defined by the NHS/Public Health England).
  • Client to advise if personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn on site and provide suitable and sufficient PPE if it is outside the usual requirements.
  • Audits may be possible via video calling and emailing evidence to the Advisor. If an inspection of the site forms part of the audit the above procedures will be followed.
  • Assisting with accident and incident investigations may be possible via telephone and emailing evidence (CCTV footage, photos, etc.). This could include the completion of any witness interviews via telephone, video calling and emailing statements. The complexity and/or seriousness of an accident/incident may mean that a visit is still required. In that instance the above procedures will be followed.

For further information or for help on how we can help you deal with the challenges of COVID-19, please get in touch or call 0800 068 0188