A Consultancy that saves you money?

Every scarce resource is expensive.

And qualified Health & Safety Consultants with real-world business experience are a scarce commodity indeed.

Can you find one, let alone employ one full time?

Outsource your Health and Safety to MBHS, and you don´t have to.

Concentrate your resources on your core business, knowing your Health and Safety commitments are taken care of.

Once you factor in the training, benefits, NI and PAYE costs of an employee, and the fact that with MBHS you pay a reasonable fee only when you most need the service, and it becomes an easy decision.

MBHS’s specialist Health & Safety consultants offer full hands-on support, doing all the time-consuming jobs; but they actually cost less than many large multi-service firms that use an inflexible, call centre-based approach whereby you end up doing the donkey work yourself.

Like it or not, health and safety is an essential part of your business; but possibly not something that you need to have in-house full time with all the pressure on people related costs and headcount. Through outsourcing you get the health and safety resource you need when and where you want it – to win contracts or ensure compliance – and that’s the only time you pay for it!

Related Services

The MBHS money-saving outsourced service is there to be used. So take advantage. Get professional help with:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Notifiable Accident reporting
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Health & Safety implementation
  • Training